A Blogger's Guide to Working with Brands

Learn how to earn more by working directly with brands.

I’ve been blogging since 2008. While my blog started as just a place to share with friends and family over time it became more. I learned I could reach a bigger audience and even make money with my blog.

In those days if you wanted to work with a brand you had to hope they’d reach out to you or you had to pitch to them. There wasn’t a middleman like the blogging networks we have now, we were on our own.

After many years of working with brands on my own, I want to share what I’ve learned. I want to show you how you can reach out to brands and earn money for your blog.

I give you step-by-step advice so your pitches will work and earn you money!

I’ve had a lot of bloggers come to me and ask how I get the sponsored posts I’ve gotten without going through a network. They want to work with brands on their own but have no idea how to get started.

Some are pitching but those pitches aren’t even getting replies. They don’t know why or what to do about it. I wanted to write this book to show bloggers how to write the right pitch and get it to the right people.

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This isn’t a one-size fit all approach. I talk you through creating your own pitch and plan that will work with your blog and the brands you want to work with.

This book is packed full of information but no fluff so you can get through it and get to work quickly. You will also find additional resources that can help you get started with everything talked about in the book.


  • How to make a connection with a brand so you can get your pitch to the right person.
  • How to create a media kit and what it should contain.
  • What to do when a brand says no so that later that no can turn into a yes.
  • How to create a sponsored post the brand will love.
  • How to create an invoice for your work.
  • How to stay in contact with a brand and why it’s important to do so.

All of this and more is in A Blogger’s Guide to Working With Brands.

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“After getting frustrating with brands not reaching out to me for sponsored work, I read A Blogger’s Guide to Working with Brands. Lisa gives you all the tools you need to make connections and create a pitch. I feel much more confident reaching out to brands on my own now!” – Karissa from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

“I’ve been avoiding working with brands because it seemed too overwhelming and confusing. Your concise and to the point book made the whole process seem very doable!”- Joy from Artful Homemaking

“I’ve been blogging for years yet lacked the confidence and know-how to make connections with brands for sponsored posts. “A Blogger’s Guide to Working with Brands” provided all the information I need…plus a dose of encouragement. Lisa Sharp has done a great job explaining something I’ve not run across anywhere else. ” – Deanna from Life With Dee

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a physical product?
No, this is an eBook that is sent straight to your inbox after your order. This means you can start reading it right away.
Why would I want to reach out to a brand myself instead of going through a blog network?
When you go through someone else they set the price and it’s likely less than you can get on your own. I make more than double on sponsored posts I get myself over ones done through one of the most popular networks. Brands are paying you and the network so the cost isn’t much different either way for them but you get to keep it all yourself when you do the work. You are also more likely to get repeat posts from a brand if you work with them on your own. I have one brand I’ve worked with three times in less than two years.
Won’t my readers be upset if I do sponsored posts?
A few may not like seeing sponsored posts but overall it’s becoming the norm in the blogging world and readers don’t mind. The key is providing good content. If your content is still good and what your readers have come to expect they will enjoy it. Often my sponsored posts are some of my most popular posts because I’m picky about the brands and make sure I provide value and good content to my readers no matter if the post is sponsored or not.
Do you have another question?
Have more questions? Contact me at [email protected]

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